Sunday, June 22, 2014

Yard Game

Summer Solstice arrived yesterday! With all the focus on tidying up our yard for summer enjoyment, the very word took on a life of its own, playing games in my head. (Too much tea perhaps?)

As quickly as I thought of the word yard, several words snapped themselves to it, like the set of hematite stones I bought whose sole purpose is to seek magnetic pairings (kind of like the weirdos often do in ball-room dance class). 

If you like word games, you might enjoy today's question. Here are five photos, each of which captures a word that can be modified by the word yard for a whole new meaning. How many can you identify?

As a general hint, the number of letters in each missing word is indicated by underlines below each photo. I’ll give you one more hint for (#2) since I think it's the most difficult, unless you are a pen aficionado; until we bought it at a (#1) on Friday—for a fraction of its value—I had no idea these existed! The boldfaced word is your clue.

#1.  Yard - _ _ _ _

#2.  Yard - _ - _ _ _  

#3.  Yard - _ _ _ _ _

#4.  Yard - _ _ _ 

#5.  Yard - _ _ _ _

Answers tomorrow!

Drawing to win a copy of my memoir ends on Thursday, 26 June. 
Details are in yesterday's post: 
"Win a hard cover version of my memoir!"


Susan said...

Holy smokers. Some of those are tricky, Vickie! Might have to wait til you reveal the answers (to get the answers. ha haha) Susan

Musings, Tea, and Me said...

Yes, I probably should have thought this post through a bit before publishing it! An obvious dud....thanks for commenting and rescuing me from a complete flop!! Vickie

River said...

the first is Yard Sale, the third would be Yard Stick, but I'm clueless on the rest.

Musings, Tea, and Me said...

River, yep! I admit the others are too obscure - what was I thinking?! C'mon back tomorrow morning and check out the rest of the answers along with what I hope restores my readers' interests. LOL -Vickie

Elephant's Child said...

The fifth looks to me like the 'Hard Yards' but I will most definitely be back to check for two and four.

Musings, Tea, and Me said...

Hi EC, Thanks for being a good sport. I will try to post early....having trouble with the scheduled posting feature (again)! See you tomorrow....