Sunday, June 8, 2014

A beautiful day to celebrate

June 8, 2014

Since I’ll be baking a cake while my readers grab their morning cup of hot tea (or alternative), today's blog is very short. I'll tell you what the cake is for in a moment. 

I read where it’s a good idea for a blogger to stick to one theme. Would it fit the criteria if I say my theme is what matters most to me in life

First and foremost, that would be my husband, whose birthday it is today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIMOTHY! Yes, I'm making him an angel-food cake and spending the day enjoying his company, unplugged from the electronic world.

The other love of my life is my son, Alan. He’s a civil engineer and will be visiting us later. It doesn't seem quite fair to say so little about him compared to my next family member, but there'll be other blogs.

Last but not least is our dog, Julius Caesar. He’s a blue-dappled mini-Dachshund, though his front legs are suspiciously long for a purebred. We used to say he was tiny but mighty, except now he’s, well, just mighty. His breed has a strong hunger drive.

Our Caesar loves to snuggle or burrow in his blankets, and he loves wearing sweaters or jackets. Nothing better to keep you on a routine than a dog, and so he can’t understand why Mommy is stuck to the desk chair all the time, especially if he wants to take an extra walk. He loves us with all his heart and we love him just as much. 

Here are some photos of our little guy…

March 3, 2007 – 5 months old

February 10, 2010 – 3 yrs, 4 mos

April 2, 2011 – 5 yrs, 6 mos

Christmas 2013 – 7 years 

What pets do you have? I love hearing what people name their pets, don't you?


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I read that today is a very special day in your life. Happy Birthday to your husband. Your dog is very cute. I do not have pets. I have two young daughters. Too much work. Enjoy your Sunday so familiar. Keep in touch

Musings, Tea, and Me said...

Hi Marta! Thanks for stopping by and for Tim's birthday wishes too. Caesar is such a blessing. and a sweet little soul. And he loves to be dressed up!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday wishes to your husband.
Something else we have in common in addition to tea! I have a mini dachshund (red/gray wire hair) who is 13 and is named Harriet! She belonged to my late mom.
Your dog is precious and looks very content and loved!
Enjoy this special day!

Musings, Tea, and Me said...

Hi Mildred, Just popped over to your blog and LOVE it! Don't mini Doxies have the best disposition?

Terri @ Backward B Ranch said...

Happy Birthday to your husband! Caesar is adorable and I love his little cute! I guess I am in trouble because I sure don't stick to one theme for my blog..LOL! Have a blessed day!

Bookie said...

Your dog looks very lovable. Mine was rescued literally from death three months ago. Shy is young and demanding, could have ridden with Bonnie and Clyde !! She is gdtting better but some days(like today) are more trying than others. Tried new teas this morning I will post later. Enjoy your family day

Musings, Tea, and Me said...

Hi Terri! You made me laugh about your blog content! I don't think there really are rules (at least I hope not). Thanks for the birthday well-wishes to Tim, he's liking my blog a little more now that he's getting a bit of attention! Can't wait to visit your blog. So glad you decided to visit mine. Have a lovely day.

Musings, Tea, and Me said...

Bookie, Nice to see you today....Shy sounds lovable all the same...each dog has their needs and yours is lucky to have you to figure out hers! Will catch up with everyone tomorrow. Thanks for the kind words.

Musings, Tea, and Me said...

Terri, Just back from your blog....and I love your photos. I'm curious about the One-shot Mondays....can you tell me more about this? I mean do you just post it with that title or what? I would like to do this too! I'm now following you!

Susan said...

Dear Vickie....
Hope your Sunday goes well. Happy, happy birthday to your Tim! May his new year of life be absolutely wonderful.

Julius is adorable. I'm sure he is a very, very loved and lucky doggie.

Take care and remember! Take a moment to enjoy nature and be good to Y-O-U! Susan

Valerie said...

Hi Vickie,
Just popping over to visit your blog from Susan's
Writing Straight From the Heart blog. Happy Birthday to your hubby! I love your little Julius too! So cute. =) I have a corgi/dachshund mix named Tia Maria. I paint corgis so she is my inspiration. My own personal clown. ;) Looking forward to following along with you on your blog! Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie

Elephant's Child said...

It is your blog, so try not to listen to the 'rules' others try and impose.
Happy Birthday to Timothy, and I love your little guy.
We have two black rescue cats - Jazz n Jewel (both were named before they came to us).
They are both beautiful and much loved. Jazz however has a heart as black as his fur.

Anonymous said...

Vickie, first of all, thank you for stopping by Magnolia Cottage and leaving me the kind and caring comment about the passing of my friend Paco Malo. Thank you also for following me. I am "following" you as well.

Personally, I have found that blogging about one single thing grew wearying. While I have blogged since early 2006, starting in February 2011, I focused solely on a classic film blog. I began burning out last year, but by last month, I couldn't write on there anymore. I disabled comments and have basically put that blog on hiatus. Instead, I opened Magnolia Cottage, and my purpose is really about preserving the memories of a lifetime. That may be childhood memories, or it may be something that happened yesterday. I just know that I am all too prone to forget! What we can't remember, we can never pass on to future generations! With that kind of a theme, I'll have all sorts of things to write about.

With a "what matters to me most in life" theme, you will have many things to write about as well.

Your little Caesar is adorable! I love hound dogs. I have one of my own---a beagle. Her name is Ginger---she was named after Ginger Rogers, my husband's favorite actress.


Musings, Tea, and Me said...

Hi Susan! I'm sorry about losing your first comment on my blog this morning...Thanks for returning and re-posting! Blogland must have experienced some turbulence earlier, or more likely, I did something without awareness! Tim and I thank you for your kind wishes. We're chipping away at the weeding and mulching's hard in this heat but so rewarding!

Caesar enjoyed our little party today, though he's stll hungry for T-R-E-A-Ts! -Vickie

Musings, Tea, and Me said...

Hi Valerie, Thanks for dropping by. Tim says thanks and Caesar loved your compliment!

Tia Maria sounds adorable....can't wait to "meet" her and get to you know you better. Love your closing: Blessings and sunshine....right back at ya! Vickie

Musings, Tea, and Me said...

Patti, you are welcome!

Your words are wise and helpful... thanks for sharing your experience with the classic film blog. I could see that happening to me too. I like the concept of a big umbrella of a topic, plus every time I turn around, I'm making a cup of tea! Yet, it seemed perfectly logical that in the old days, we'd stop to visit friends, share a hot drink, and chat. Imagine if friendships required a theme!

Caesar loved your compliment! Can't wait to see dad loved Beagles and we had a couple but none were all mine. Until we got Caesar, I didn't realize how much a dog becomes part of your very being.

Blessings to you also, Patti.

Musings, Tea, and Me said...

Thanks for Tim's birthday wishes....and he says thank-you too!

I appreciate your advice about "rules" more than you know. I knew there was a reason I would enjoy blogging....and it's people like you!

Jazz n Jewel sound adorable - if you go by their names alone....though I guess there are some stories behind your description of Jazz?

Karen Lange said...

It's nice to meet you, Vickie! I came over from Susan's blog. :) Hope your husband had a great birthday. Have a wonderful week!

Vickie Newman said...

Hi Karen,
It was so kind of Susan to introduce me! She is a wonderful lady. Very nice to meet you too, Karen. Thanks for visiting. Tim had a great birthday, thanks. Mind you, we didn't do anything special, but I baked him his angel-food cake and we celebrated quietly. Just got back from dinner and that was a nice end to a gorgeous late spring day! Have a wonderful week yourself....I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vickie - Your blog theme is perfect. I stressed for a long time that I didn't have a strong "theme" but it turns out that just writing about what you love is the best theme of all. Regarding our pets---we have a zoo. Two dogs (Lab mixes), Rigby and Penny, and three cats, Tabby, Bailey and Luna. All are rescues. Luna technically belongs to my youngest daughter who found the kitty in a storm drain.

My oldest daughter is carrying on the fine tradition. She has four dogs---one mutt named Pistachio (he belongs to her boyfriend), a chocolate Lab named Lola (a rescue), and two miniature Dachshunds, a black & tan named Special Agent McGee and a red named Federal Agent Chutsky (a rescue). My son and his wife have a cat named Chico and a Havanese named Chula (adopted by them at the age of 10 because her owner was going into a nursing home).

Now you know EVERYTHING about my animal household. Talk about TMI. You better be careful what you ask. lol

Rose said...

I have three cats, but have had dogs. Among them, a couple of dachshunds. Still miss them to this day! I love collies and dachshunds and really all things furry. We had a little squirrel for a daughter caught it when it was injured. We had it a month or so and it died...I had not realized it was following me and stepped back and hit her in the head real hard, and I have always felt that it was so hard it did something to her. She was a doll...loved my husband better than life, and apple pie was a close second.

Then there was a wild squirrel that I finally got to come eat from my hands, and eventually she would sit on my knee. I would be in the kitchen and look at the back door and there she would be...I would grab nuts and go out, with her following and even bumping my heels. I would sit at the picnic table with her.

We did have a huge old maple at that time...she raised two liters per year in it for the years that we knew her....and then for a year or so across the street. She got super skinny and then just didn't show up any more. We figured she had died.

Musings, Tea, and Me said...

Hi Rose,
Aren't dogs, and Dachshunds especially, wonderful? Your squirrel stories are precious, too. Animals have an uncanny ability to bond with other animals and humans. I love watching the crows protect their turf from hawks, yet I saw a video where a crow adopted a little black kitten and got it to eat. They played every amazing. Thanks for sharing.